Fun Things to Do in Littleton, Colorado

When it comes to vacation, it just makes sense that you want to be as prepared as possible before you begin your trip. In this article, therefore, we will discuss the fun things to do in Littleton, Colorado so that you can have the best vacation possible.

1. Pirates Cove Water Park

The first fabulously fun thing to do in Littleton is to visit Pirates Cove Water Park with the entire family! This is definitely a location that kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy. Pirates Cove is seasonal, yet open this time of year while it is still warm. You can expect to enjoy leisure and lap pools, as well as a 35-feet slide, a tubing river, and much more!

2. Littleton Museum

One of the greatest parts about visiting a new area is experiencing the museums that are unique to that destination. Littleton is certainly no exception when it comes to excellent museums. And the Littleton Museum is certainly one that you want to stop by while you are in town.

Little ones can find great enjoyment at the Littleton Museum while still receiving the opportunity to learn. The farm animals you can interact with are sure to thrill them as well as the adults traveling in your party. Get to know Littleton’s history and view two open as well as furnished farmhouses, a large barn, and even a blacksmith shed where a demonstration of how to make horseshoes is performed.

3. Robert Clement Park

This park enables you to spend some quality time in Colorado’s natural beauty. Not only will you view some fantastic sights of the great outdoors, you can spot frolicking animals galore. There is a play area for little ones and a lake that can be walked around leisurely or for exercise if you wish. Skateboard fans also have a place to enjoy themselves at this family park.

4. Hudson Gardens

This is another fun and natural thing for the whole family to enjoy while in Littleton, Colorado. The gardens give you wonderful sights to behold and you have ample opportunity to enjoy a fabulous picnic with your whole party. Specialty events are always going on here, and if you have the ability to travel to Littleton during the winter time you may even be able to see the Christmas lights!

So if you plan on traveling to Littleton, Colorado we highly suggest that you add these fun things to do to your itinerary in order to enjoy the greatest vacation you can possibly have.